How To Dress Like You Have A Celebrity Stylist



Why do celebrities continuously appear to appear like they’re walking down a runway in tabloid photos? Even once they’re simply bent on grab a low, they cryptically seem like they’re aiming to a photoshoot for a magazine cowl.

Believe it or not, celebrities aren’t per se born with a bigger fashion sense than you or ME. the key to the current development is that celebrities rent high-profile stylists to create certain they’re continuously photo-ready for the paparazzi.

But if you’re like ME and you don’t have the budget to rent an expert stylist, don’t sweat it. you’ll be able to still look your best and feel fabulous every day.

Just use these 3 quotes from the world’s greatest fashion gurus to assist guide your vogue.

“Why slot in once you were born to face out?”

Who aforementioned it: Pakistani monetary unit Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue

How to use it in your everyday life:

Style is all regarding standing out and being unforgettable. You don’t need to play it safe. boost your look with an associate unconventional accent or a daring new lipstick, like one in every of stimulant drug Von D’s Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipsticks, represented as “a spectrum of kissable imaginary creature sparkles.”

If you are trying one thing new before it becomes a trend, you’ll continuously be previous to the style game.

“Delete the negative; intensify the positive!”

Who aforementioned it: woman Karan, dressmaker

How to use it in your everyday life:

Stop obsessing over your self-perceived flaws. bear in mind you’re fabulous and concentrate on your strengths. learn the way to wear garments and makeup that blandish your face form, skin tone and figure.

For instance, if you’ve got a spherical face, opt for jewelry that’s long and sleek instead of short and chunky. For those with triangular faces, the other is true. sq. faces get pleasure from long, curvy styles. If you’ve got an associate oval face, feel assured knowing that each one designs area unit complimentary on you.

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