20 Healthy cat species that make the space perfect in the long run


3 Thai


Thai is very human-centered, who like to follow their owners in the house just because they enjoy having a company. That is, every house that has Thai should have scaled a lot of furniture, because this item is very exotic and active. They are very social and also love to play, so every family with children will have a great time with the Thai cat.

The good news is that this breed lives to be 12-16 years old. Without specific health problems, regular trips to the veterinarian will keep this kitten going for a long time.

2 Savannah

If you’re looking for a low-energy cat that you can hug on the couch to watch Netflix, then you want to see a different breed. Savannah is an energetic cat that also needs constant physical and mental stimulation. With the right family, this breed is a great active pet as it is very loving with your family.

Savannah is not known to have genetic problems, so it can be a healthy companion between 18 and 20 years old. Just remember, if you don’t entertain this kitten, they’ll be entertained. This usually means that things start to be pushed off the shelves !

1 Foldex

The Foldex is probably one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. If this breed does more than sit on a human lap and get pets throughout the day, they want to be perfectly happy. The only thing is that they are also very curious and need to stimulate the game and cat furniture to keep them mentally happy and active.

It is especially important to keep this item moving and not just hanging on the sofa. Foldex is prone to ghee, but with a proper diet and regular visits to veterinarians, it is known to be a member of the loving family for 12-15 years.


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