20 Healthy cat species that make the space perfect in the long run



When looking for a cat to add to the family, potential owners tend to consider some things, such as temperament and appearance. But there is one factor that can slip their heads, health. While most cats are very healthy, some have problems with breeds.

Fortunately, we are here to make life a little easier, and a handy list of some healthier breeds of cats that you want to call home for them (literally). From curly perm to a raging breed of cats known as snowshoes, these cats are some of the healthiest cats. It continues to move.

20 Egyptian Mau

As you might suspect, Mao’s Egyptian is from Egypt. No matter where it is raised, because at the end of the day, all pet owners want is a healthy and happy cat. The good thing is that Mao is one of the healthiest cat breeds and is less likely to be diagnosed with specific sweat.

Unfortunately, the Egyptian Mao is also a relatively rare breed. The Fantasy Cat Table has only about 200 mao cats engraved per year! But this does not include those who go behind the back of the table and decide not to register cats.

19 Bombay

Bombay cats are beautiful and friendly. You are a rare cat that actually gets along well with other animals and even likes to be close to humans, which makes them a great pet of the family! It doesn’t hurt that they are also very healthy and live in about 15 to 20 years.

One thing the owners should be careful with these “little cheetahs” is overeating! Like most animals, Bombay cats love their food and will feel free to tear down anything placed in front of their nados.

18 Havana Brown

Havana Brown is a breed that is planned between domestic cats and a black and Siamese house. The result is a brown cat that is healthy and friendly. Havana Brown is not a typical breed that people experience, but they tend to notice this unique cat when they encounter one.

These cats make big pets because they are very adaptable and really want to spend time with people. It does not hurt that they are healthy and that they are not associated with genetic diseases.

17 Ragamuffin

Yes, there is a breed of cat called Ragamuffin, which is the ideal name for a long-haired cat. This item is a good choice for anyone who is the market for the cat as it is quiet, soft and very adaptable for any change in routine.

Diese einheitlich temperamentvollen Katzen machen ein großes Familientier, das bis zu 13 Jahre alt ist. Sie sind auch relativ gesund.

This next healthy cat is known as the “good luck” cat.

16 Korat

Thai Korat is one of those beautiful cats that can’t help but wish they’ve done it. The short cat with blue and grey hair is one of the oldest stable breeds in the world and is considered very smart and healthy. If a family wants korat, they want to educate them from an early age, because they connect with people and have nothing against travelling around!

A nice fact about this item is that until recently, Corat was only given as gifts and was not sold to the public. It is known as “lucky cat”, and is usually given to newlyweds happy.

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