Here Are 20 Breeds Of Dogs Perfect For Seniors


Adopting a dog is not reserved for young families! In fact, welcoming a pup in their home can be a very good thing for people advanced in age. It all depends on the breed that they decide to bring in their family. Here are the best dog breeds for elderly people.

There are dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, which means there is probably one for everyone, even the elderly. You’ll be shocked to learn that having a dog at home has some very surprising benefits. Adopting a pup can lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress level and improve your happiness. If your retirement home accepts animals, it is therefore in your best interest to have a pet, especially a dog. If you are more advanced in age, don’t think that you are too old to share your life with a little ball of fur and love. Of course, opting for an animal that needs a lot of exercises might not be the best idea, but a calmer, loyal and friendly breed is a great addition in an older person’s home and life.

1. Not for you: Irish Setter

They are very energetic dogs that are difficult to train and require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, you can only rarely leave him alone and he is in poor health.

2. Good for you: Italian greyhound

The greyhound is a large dog, but if you like the look of a greyhound and want something more manageable, the Italian greyhound may be the perfect breed for you. Italian greyhounds are affectionately called “Iggies” and have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. These friendly dogs are ideal for apartments or small houses, as they only need one hour of exercise a day.

3. Good for you: Japanese Spaniel

The Japanese Spaniel does not have excessive physical activity needs and is easy to groom, requiring only one brush per week. It is also a less “barking” dog than other breeds. You can let your Japanese spaniel have a little fun in the yard or in the park, and he will be happy, but he also likes to come back directly to your lap.

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