50 Easy Ways To Save Money – Start Saving Thousands Each Year


Use an Airbnb for your next vacation.

My preferred way to travel is to stay in short-term rental vacation homes such as Airbnb (this will give you a $20+ Airbnb coupon code for your next stay).

Airbnb vacation home rates are usually comparable or cheaper than a hotel, plus you typically have more room and there is usually a kitchen as well. Also, if you have a lot of people going on vacation with you, you can split a house for a much cheaper price than it would be for everyone to get a hotel room.

Take part in a savings challenge.

The $20 Savings Challenge is an easy way to save money without noticing! All you have to do is save $20 each week for a year, which easily adds up to a savings of $1,040.

And, it’ll make saving money just a little more enjoyable.

Save money automatically.

Digit allows you to easily save money, and I’m sure you’ll love it! I’m a user myself and I am able to save more money without even noticing.

With the Digit savings app, you link up your bank account to Digit and every few days Digit looks at your income and spending habits to see how much you could possibly save. Digit then automatically moves money from your checking account to a Digit savings account.

Each transfer averages around $18, but it could be higher or lower depending on your individual situation. You can read my Digit review here for more information.

Know your credit score.

It never hurts to check your credit score, so you have no reason not to know what your credit score is.

Your credit score can affect whether or not you are approved for a loan, whether you are hired at certain jobs, your interest rate, and more. It’s relatively easy to raise your credit score, so you should start doing so today!

Start a blog.

This isn’t a way to cut expenses, but there are many ways a blog may be able to help you save more money.

A blog can help you to make more money. I know many people who have started a blog and are making thousands of dollars a month and have also left their day jobs to work from home. No, it’s not easy work, but it can be well worth it if you put some hard work towards it.

I now earn around $100,000 a month from my blog. I also travel full-time and am happier than ever!

Think before you make a big purchase.

Everyone has felt that dreadful feeling after you make a large purchase and realize that you have made a mistake. You may be mad at yourself for wasting money, you may go into debt, you may feel regret, and more.

Perhaps you don’t realize for months or years later, but you eventually understand what a waste of money the item was.

Before you make your next large purchase, you should ask yourself several questions to make sure that it is actually worthwhile. The questions include:

  • Can I afford it?
  • What else is the item going to cost?
  • What else could I spend this amount of money on?
  • Can the large purchase wait 24 hours?
  • Can I borrow the item from someone instead of buying it?
  • Is there a return policy?
  • Do I actually need this?

Receive free vacations just by using your credit card.

One of my favorite easy ways to save money is to get bonus points and cashback on my credit card purchases.

In 2016, me and my husband I earned over $5,000 in free cash just by using our credit cards like we normally would. We put all of our expenses on our credit cards, pay them off completely each month, and earn free rewards points and cashback.

Plus, did you know that you can take a 10 day trip to Hawaii for just $22.40?

Birthday freebies.

Everyone has a birthday, and you may be able to score a lot of free birthday stuff by simply showing your birth date on your driver’s license or by signing up for a company’s email club to receive a coupon for your birthday. This is one of the super easy ways to save money, as everyone has a birth date!

Meal plan as one of the easy ways to save money.

Meal planning is something that has completely changed our lives. We eat healthier than ever, we are saving money, and we have less food waste.

That’s saying a lot considering that the average person wastes over 40% of the food they buy. Yes, 40%!

If you have trouble eating at home and want to learn how to eat healthily at home while saving money fast, then try out a $5 Meal Plan. They send meal plans directly to your email.

It’s only $5 a month (the first two weeks are free), and you get meal plans sent straight to you along with the exact shopping list you need in order to create the meals. Each meal costs around $2 per person or less. This allows you to save time because you won’t have to meal plan anymore, and it will save you money as well! If you are interested in joining for free.

Switch to a more affordable cell phone plan.

Most people overpay for their cell phone plan.

If you are looking for a cheap cell phone service, check out Republic Wireless. They have monthly cell phone plans as low as $15 per month.

Quit smoking.

According to Statistic Brain, the average smoker spends around $34 a month on tobacco products. That is a lot of money for a very unhealthy habit.

My father passed away when I was just 18, partly due to his smoking habit (he had brain and lung cancer). If that’s not enough to tell you it’s a horrible habit, then I don’t know what will!

Make a budget.

Budgets help people manage their money better. It’s that simple.

Budgets are great because they keep you mindful of your income and expenses. With a budget, you will know exactly how much you can spend in a category each month, how much you have to work with, what spending areas need to be evaluated, among other things.

Budgets have helped people reach their goals, pay off debt, make more money, retire, and more.

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