21 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears or Teddy Bears



Have you always wanted to adopt your real teddy bear? Or maybe you aim a little higher and you want a wild, big-format animal.
Adopting a grizzly bear has its challenges, so it’s best to find the perfect dog to look like one.

We cover the entire range of breeds in all shapes and sizes, but they all have these bear qualities, and then we’ve added a little information about each dog so you can find the one that suits you best.

Haircuts can make a difference

Some breeds just need a little care to give them the authentic look of teddy bear dog this is the most popular demand in my nursing business (especially among breeds, not decretion).

It’s called Teddy Bear Cup, and that’s what it looks like. We complete the face, trim around the ears, and cut a lawnmower to make your puppy look like a lovable kid.

So the next time you visit your caregiver, ask if a cup of teddy bear will work with your dog.

​Teddy Bear Dog Breeds Ordered By Small, Medium, and Large:

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